Larry Steele - Oakwood Cemetery Administrator Emeritus

1935 - 2016 Larry has retired 3 times. Larry's family owned Steele Electric an industrial electrical supply company.  Along with his mother, Larry ran the business until he sold it to Wehle Electric of Buffalo.  Despite the competition with Wehle, Mr. Steele was asked to join them as an advisor, and ended up staying another 10 years.

Larry comes to the cemetery through his love of local history.  Larry is a Board Member of The Friends of the Local History Department at the Niagara Falls Public Library.  Larry also manages the gift shop in the Library.  Knowing of Larry's vast business knowledge, the Oakwood Cemetery Board of Directors created the position of Administrator and asked Mr. Steele to accept.  Larry once again said yes and immediately set up a budget and goals for the cemetery. Thanks to Larry's diligence and attention to details, he has turned the finances of the cemetery around.  

Larry lives in Western New York with his wife, Carol and his beloved Golden Retriever Abigail.  Larry has 2 daughters and a son, and is Grandfather of seven.

Larry passed away in July of 2016 and is sadly missed.  A street clock, and a memorial bench were dedicated in his name.  Also, our office was re-named, the "Laurence G. Steele Visitor's Center".