Johnny Main

You may have seen Jeff Dunham on Network TV Shows, but did you know a noted Niagara Falls native helped him get started?

Johnny Main, voted World's Best Ventriloquist in 1981 by his fellow ventriloquists, lived in Niagara Falls, but played rooms all over the world.  

His write up from a Las Vegas Ventriloquist Convention program states: A versatile entertainer for over thirty years, Johnny Main brings comedy to you through the art of ventriloquism.  Along with his life-like character friends, Johnny has delighted audiences across the United States, Canada and the Far East.  A number of cruise lines have employed his talents whic carried him through the Caribbean with repeat performances in hotel casinos in South America and the West Indies.

His credits include repeat performances at Parliament Hill in Canada's Ottawa and apperances on ABC's Good Morning America.  

Johnny creates many of the character dummies he uses in his act and has created figures for other ventriloquists.

Earlier in his career, Jeff Dunham came to Johnny for instruction and advice.  Johnny was always one to lend support and a helping hand.


Click here to see some of Johnny's characters that were bought after Johnny's passing.


Thank you to Johnny, Jr.  for the info and pictures.